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Summer 2019 Series of Exercises

U.S. Army Europe is conducting and/or participating in a series of nine exercises in May and June 2019 in the Black Sea and Balkan regions.
Each exercises is a separate entity, but many utilize a common scenario focused on furthering partner capacity while improving interoperability and readiness.




Summer Exercises Media Advisory

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Our three priority training events this summer:

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Immediate Response 2019 is a multinational exercise, co-led by Croatian Armed Forces, Slovenian Armed Forces and U.S. Army Europe. IR19 takes place from May 10 – June 7 at various locations throughout host nations Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia. Logistics focused, the exercise is designed to test and improve the ability to move forces and equipment rapidly from one location to another. Highlights of IR19 include airborne jumps, air assaults, a medical exercise, a live fire exercise and the establishment and integration of a multinational battalion with forces from 15 nations.
Media Advisory: Exercise Immediate Response 2019 to take place in May and June

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Saber Guardian 2019 is an exercise co-led by Romanian Land Forces and U.S. Army Europe that takes place from June 3-24 at various locations in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. Included among the many different training events at SG19, there will be vehicle road marches, a medical exercise, multiple river crossings and an air assault. SG19 is designed to improve the integration of multinational combat forces.
Media Advisory: Exercise Saber Guardian 2019 to take place in June

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Swift Response 2019 is a U.S. Army Europe-directed exercise led by the U.S. Global Response Force and taking place from June 11-24 at various locations in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. SR19 will demonstrate the strategic employment of the GRF and validate U.S. European Command’s ability to send high readiness forces into a designated area while advancing airborne interoperability among NATO allies.

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The six other exercises we are participating in this summer:


Astral Knight 2019 is a U.S. Air Forces Europe exercise that takes place from June 3-7 at various locations in Croatia, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. AK19 is a joint exercise conducting integrated air and missile defense of key terrain. AK19 will involve a combination of flight operations and computer-assisted exercise scenarios, and includes participation of U.S. Naval Forces Europe, U.S. Army Europe and the Croatian Air Force. U.S. Army Europe's participation includes the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command deploying to Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Aviano Air Base, Italy; Port of Koper, Slovenia; and aboard an Aegis Destroyer.


Breakthrough 2019 is a Hungarian national exercise taking place from June 4-15 in the vicinity of Varpalota, Hungary.
Hosted by the Hungarian Defence Forces, Breakthrough 2019 is a bilateral exercise that will test several fires systems, and execute multi-echelon fires to increase interoperability and readiness between the two armies. Highlights of Breakthrough 2019 include an artillery live fire, and the participation of several U.S. Army National Guard units from four different states.  

Decisive Strike 2019 is North Macedonia’s national exercise taking place from June 5 – July 10, at the Krivolak Military Training Center in Krivolak, North Macedonia. Co-led by Army of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, the exercise culminates with a company-level combined arms live fire exercise that will provide opportunities for the nations to improve readiness and interoperability among allies and partners. Highlights of Decisive Strike 2019 include air-ground operations, an explosive breach, live fires, and simulated and medical evacuations.

Shabla 2019 is a Bulgarian national exercise taking place from June 4-14 in Shabla, Bulgaria. Hosted by Bulgarian Armed Forces, Shabla 2019 includes the participation of the Bulgarian Air Force, Navy and Land Forces, and U.S. Army Europe's 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command. This bilateral, joint air defense live fire exercise is designed to improve readiness and interoperability in order to protect national air sovereignty. Highlights of Shabla 2019 include a series of live fires featuring several different types of missiles and missile firing systems.

Strike Back 2019 is a Bulgarian national exercise taking place from June 6 - 20, at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria.
Hosted by Bulgarian Armed Forces, Strike Back 2019 is a multinational exercise including participation of Albania, Greece, North Macedonia and U.S. troops. The exercise is designed to increase capabilities and interoperability with allies and partners. The highlight of Strike Back 2019 is a battalion live fire exercise with artillery and mortar fires.

Szentes Axe 2019 is a Hungarian national exercise taking place from May 31 – June 11, in Szentes, Hungary. Hosted by the Hungarian Ground Forces, Szentes Axe 2019 is bilateral field training exercise designed to enable freedom of movement and sustainment operations throughout the area. The highlight of Szentes Axe 2019 is a wet gap crossing.