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Threat Situation Statement
Unclassified Threat Situation (as of 10 Sep 2021)

The unclassified threat statement informs DOD elements and personnel under USAREUR-AF Force Protection responsibility on the current threat situation.


  • Be aware that despite no credible threat or collaborated information to indicate an attack against U.S. personnel or their interests is imminent, some terrorist organizations and their supporters may view the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks as an ideal time for a complex attack against the west.  USAREUR-AF asks personnel to remain vigilant during this period and take appropriate individual protective measures.


  • Transnational terrorist groups, state-sponsored terrorists, and those inspired by their propaganda continue to threaten Europe, Africa, and U.S. interests worldwide.  Similarly, Islamic extremists emboldened by the Taliban's assumption of power in Afghanistan, or extremists reacting to the situation, could attempt violent acts or demonstrations. Terrorists often target mass transit, tourist venues, sporting events, places of worship, police, and military forces (including military personnel).  In recent years, allied counterterrorism forces have thwarted plots by transnational and state-sponsored terrorists however, terrorists have succeeded in conducting simple, lethal attacks.  Lone wolves continue to act on their own initiative and timelines, sometimes in response to events taking place outside Europe or Africa.  Unsophisticated plots by lone wolf terrorists and organized terror groups are difficult to detect and can, therefore, occur with little to no warning.  In Europe and in Africa, public demonstrations and protests may become violent without warning, putting bystanders at great risk.


  • Terror activity and civil unrest is high across the continent of Africa. Threats posed by violent actors differ across the continent and personnel should get updated threat information for specific areas prior to travel. Africa has a high rate of improvised explosive device use in the world and economic and political pressures of covid-19, droughts and locusts exacerbated the violence through 2021.  Extreme levels of poverty, underdevelopment, cultural and religious fractionalization, overcrowding, and environmental vulnerability have led to destabilization and permissive operating areas for violent actors.  Roughly two dozen Islamic extremist groups (with constantly shifting objectives and allegiances) operate in at least twelve African countries.  Pockets of extremism present lethal threats to U.S. equities in specific locations across the continent, while risks such as crime (including abduction), disease, and undeveloped healthcare systems can be regionally significant.  Travelers also must be aware of high crime rates, abduction, disease, and undeveloped healthcare systems throughout the region.


  • Political issues, national elections, human rights, COVID-19 restrictions, and other global and emerging issues are influencers and may drive public demonstrations and protests. Despite intentions, these events can turn violent without warning and place bystanders and other persons in the area at greater risk.



enlightenedDownload the Antiterrorism Travel Awareness Trifold (As of 1 July, 2021) This guide will assist in your travel planning.

Alert Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency or crisis, U.S. Army Europe and Africa relies on a mass notification system called Alert. Alert is installed on all U.S. Army Europe and Africa government computers. You can also register to receive Alert messages on personal devices or email:


Download the We Care Europe App, it is a tool to support the Suicide / Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign and makes contacts and resources in Europe available with one click.

Report a threat or scam

European and Military Police Emergency Numbers

In the event of an emergency in Europe, you can contact the local emergency services or Military Police.

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