DEFENDER-Europe Information

Important Message

We've moved all DEFENDER-Europe 20 public affairs products and guidance documents to a website called All Partners Access Network or APAN. Things are changing quickly and we're having version control issues so this is our attempt to ensure there's one location that everyone can access and has the most up-to-date information.

This platform will allow access to the most current information on DEFENDER-Europe 20 for all our teammates across different agencies and countries.

Some of you may be familiar with APAN as it is the collaboration site our U.S. Army Europe planners already use. APAN is restricted and only suitable for unclassified use.


Access is simple:
1) Go to and create an accounting using your official work email. Personal email's such as AOL or gmail will not work. 

2) Once you have an account, use the search bar to find "Defender 20" exercise community. Request membership, be sure to specify that you are "Public Affairs Officer for (name of unit)" so the approvers know why you need access.

3) Once you have access to the community go to the 'Documents' section and you'll see the 'Public Affairs Products' folder which includes:

- PA events spreadsheet (this document is updated daily. If you have suggestions, additions or edits email

- Branding and production guidance.

- Communications Plan for Stages 2 & 3.

- Foreign Public Affairs officer registration for the Defense Visual Information Distribution System (DVIDS.)

- Public documents such as fact sheets, logos and infographics.

- A Running Response to Query (RTQ)document.

- Themes & Messages.

- Social Media guidance.

If you have any questions about access click here to contact the U.S. Army Europe webmaster.