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U.S. Army Europe and Africa Command Biography

Deputy Commanding General for Integration

Maj. Gen. Hartmut H. Renk

German Maj. Gen. (DEU) Hartmut Renk serves as the Deputy Commanding General for Integration at U.S. Army Europe and Africa since January 2023.

Prior to this assignment, Renk served as the Chief of Staff at the Multinational Joint Headquarters in Ulm, Germany. For 18 months, he was dual-hatted as Deputy Commanding General for NATO Joint Support and Enabling Command.

He joined the Deutsches Heer (German Army) in 1982 for basic training at Tank Battalion 94 in Munster, Germany. Renk has served in a variety of assignments and deployment operations.

His other assignments include: G3/Chief of Staff, Armored Infantry Brigade 38 in Weissenfels; Battalion Commander, Tank Battalion 33 in Neustadt; Staff Officer and Military Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of the Federal Ministry of Defense in Bonn; Executive Officer to the Chief of Defense, Operations Staff Branch Chief, Strategy and Operations Division Branch Chief, and Executive Officer to the State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Defense, in Berlin; Chief of Staff at U.S. Army Europe in Wiesbaden.

Renk’s deployments include: Director of Staff Operations, Multinational Brigade, South Prizren, Kosovo, 2001-2002; and Commander, Resolute Support Train Advice Assist Command North, Afghanistan 2015-2016.

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