Press Release - DEFENDER-Europe 22 activities begin this month, includes more than 11 nations

May 3, 2022

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WIESBADEN, Germany —

DEFENDER-Europe 22 activities begin this month across nine countries in Europe, and continue through June.

DEFENDER-Europe 22 is a large-scale U.S. Army Europe and Africa-directed, multinational, joint exercise designed to build readiness and interoperability between U.S. and NATO allies and partners.

Planning for this exercise began in 2021 and is not in response to any specific threat or adversary.

V Corps will command and control DEFENDER-Europe 22 forces. Exercise activities include multiple live fire exercises, road marches and river crossings.

DEFENDER-Europe 22 includes more than 3,268 U.S. and 5,887 multi-national service members from 11 allied and partner nations, including Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Great Britain.

The large-scale movement of troops and equipment for these exercises involve extensive support from each of the host nations, demonstrating the importance of ally and partner investment in European military readiness and defense.

"DEFENDER-Europe and its accompanying and linked exercises explicitly demonstrate our commitment to European security and to maintaining interoperability with our NATO allies and partners," said Gen. Christopher Cavoli, U.S. Army Europe and Africa commanding general. "Through exercises like this, we are prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory with a strong, combat-credible force to ensure we stay stronger together in the face of any aggression."

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