Press Release: 2nd Cavalry Regiment to conduct training in Bulgaria

Feb. 17, 2022

WIESBADEN, Germany —

United States military personnel will take part in a training mission in Bulgaria, as part of our ongoing bilateral defense cooperation under the terms of our 2006 Defense Cooperation Agreement.

A U.S. Army Stryker troop of approximately 125 soldiers will arrive in the coming days in a joint training capacity to support Bulgarian-led deterrence and defense efforts. Such training missions are usually short-term and help to ensure our readiness and interoperability as NATO Allies.

The personnel are scheduled to arrive in Bulgaria as a part of our ongoing bilateral security cooperation. This is a part of our broader effort to demonstrate our commitment to our NATO Allies, including Bulgaria, and to bolster their defensive capabilities.

As always, the United States will remain in close coordination with our Allies and partners to enhance our shared security.

More information about our current support to our European Allies and partners can be found here:

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