Press Release - Thunder Cloud live fire exercise in Norway

Sept. 9, 2021

WIESBADEN, Germany —

U.S. Army Europe and Africa will conduct the live-fire exercise Thunder Cloud from Sept. 9-20 in Andenes, Norway.

The 2nd Multi-Domain Task Force, which activates this month, and the 41st Field Artillery Brigade will exercise the rapid deployment and employment of long-range precision fires. This exercise will showcase U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s efforts to modernize its sensor to shooter targeting and strike capabilities.

“Thunder Cloud will test our ability to utilize cross-domain sensing capabilities to employ long-range precision fires and effects,” said Col. Jonathan Byrom, commander of the 2nd Multi-Domain Task Force. “U.S. Army Europe and Africa possesses and continues to develop further the organic ability to rapidly deliver scalable Joint fires in support of U.S. and NATO operations anywhere in Europe and Africa and beyond.”

The exercise will integrate COVID-19 mitigation measures to protect participants and host nation communities.

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