Press Release - U.S. Army Europe and Africa to retain six sites, transfer one to U.S. Air Force

Aug. 6, 2021

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WIESBADEN, Germany —

U.S. Army in Europe and Africa will retain six sites previously scheduled to be returned to the German and Belgian governments due to growing requirements in the European theater. Additionally, one site will transfer to the U.S. Air Force.

In Germany, this includes Barton Barracks, Ansbach; Pulaski Barracks, Kaiserslautern; Coleman Barracks, Mannheim; Husterhoeh Kaserne, Pirmasens; Weilimdorf Warehouse, Stuttgart and Amelia Earhart Center, Wiesbaden. In Belgium, this includes Daumerie Caserne, Benelux.

Coleman Barracks was announced for closure in 2010, and the other sites were announced during the Department of Defense’s European Infrastructure Consolidation in 2015.

The European Infrastructure Consolidation reversal process is governed by established Department of Defense process and is continually assessed.

In 2018, the Department of Defense required a reassessment of the remaining sites in Europe by U.S. Army Europe and Africa and Installation Management Command-Europe. Through this assessment it was found the sites should be retained as the requirements in growth are outpacing facility construction and renovation.

Barton Barracks currently conducts operations and activities for the U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach community. This site is optimal for future growth of administrative and barracks facilities as well as a mission command headquarters.

Pulaski Barracks currently facilitates services by the Veterinary Medical Center Europe, Morale Welfare and Recreation Auto Skills Center and Outdoor Recreation. Pulaski Barracks will provide 76,000 square feet of administrative space to free up strategic capacity to support operations for personnel and equipment arriving into Europe.

Coleman Barracks currently houses Coleman Worksite, which is a part of the Army’s Prepositioned Stock and is responsible for the storage, security, maintenance and issuance of more than 800 armored vehicles and associated equipment pieces. The retention of Coleman Barracks will provide easier access for Regionally Allocated Forces due to its close proximity to the Autobahn, as well as rail and barge loading facilities. APS is a U.S. Army program in which equipment sets are stored around the globe for use when needed. For more information on APS, read our fact sheet on our website at

Weilimdorf Warehouse is currently being used by the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Consolidated Furniture Management Office. Weilimdorf Warehouse is a large facility that will increase storage capacity and facilitate efficient use of available warehouse space.

Amelia Earhart Complex provides more than 140,000 square feet of space for administrative purposes. Retention of Amelia Earhart Complex will aid in the projected growth and capacity at Mainz Kastel Station, Hainerberg Kaserne and Clay Kaserne.

Daumerie Caserne currently provides services for U.S. Forces supporting NATO in the Benelux, Belgium, region. This site is projected to support an Intermediate Staging Base and aid in operations for personnel and equipment arriving into Europe.

Husterhohe Kaserne will be transferred from U.S. Army Europe and Africa to U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Africa. 

For more information, contact U.S. Army Europe and Africa Public Affairs.

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