Community notification for U.S. Army equipment movements through Slovakia for DEFENDER-Europe 21

May 23, 2021

WIESBADEN, Germany —

From May 24 to 26, military equipment and Soldiers of the U.S. Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment are scheduled for movements thru Slovakia. The unit is departing from its home station in Vilseck, Germany to training areas in Hungary. U.S. Soldiers will employ the equipment as part of exercise Saber Guardian, linked to DEFENDER-Europe 21.

The public can expect to see an increase in U.S. military presence and traffic as the unit transits through the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. During a three-to-four-day period, military convoys containing approximately 60 wheeled-vehicles each, will be transported by road movements.

Due to operational security concerns, we cannot provide exact routes and numbers of vehicles. All movements are approved, coordinated, and supported by all applicable host nation authorities. Upon exercise completion the unit will also conduct return movement to its home station in Vilseck, Germany.

We are in close coordination with host nations to minimize disruptions to local populations during these movements. To reduce traffic disruptions, the movements are scheduled in the evening hours. U.S. Army Europa and Africa units are working diligently to adhere to safety procedures and follow local laws and regulations. The safety of our Soldiers and host nation citizens is paramount in everything we do. Drivers are advised to use caution when driving near military convoys. 

We value our relationship with our Slovakian allies and take steps to be good neighbors while maintaining our joint military effectiveness. 

Prudent COVID-19 precautionary measures like the use of masks, social distancing, and rotational shift work will be taken to ensure the health and protection of participating armed forces and the local population. The brigade will conduct screening, testing and quarantine requirements before moving to forward locations alongside allies and partners.

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