Press Release - US Army Europe and Africa commander visits counterparts in France

Jan. 25, 2021

WIESBADEN, Germany —

This week Gen. Christopher Cavoli, U.S. Army Europe and Africa commanding general, conducted an official visit with our French partners, to include General Thierry Burkhard, Chief of Staff of the French Army, and Lieutenant General Vincent Guionie, Land Forces Commander.

“The U.S. and France work together on a broad range of global issues as we promote and maintain security throughout Europe and Africa,” Cavoli said. “This trip allowed us to discuss our shared military goals and activities on both continents.”

The visit provided an opportunity for the U.S. and French military partners to discuss their mutual interests in Africa and support to African partners. France has a historic presence in the region and are effectively conducting counterterrorism operations alongside the U.S.

In addition, Cavoli and his NATO military allies discussed recent changes within U.S. Army Europe and Africa, such as the organization’s consolidation and the reestablishment of U.S. Army’s V Corps.

Cavoli, who was accompanied by Maj. Gen. Andrew M. Rohling, deputy commanding general for Africa and U.S. Army Southern European Task Force-Africa commander, also visited the Ecole de Guerre, a military school for senior officers of the French armed forces and defense services. While at the Ecole de Guerre, Cavoli spoke with the students, some of whom are international officers from foreign militaries.

The U.S. and France have a long-standing, shared commitment to support democracy and freedom around the world. France is America’s oldest ally, with U.S.-French diplomatic relations stretching back more than 240 years.

“I would like to thank the French Army, and the government and people of France, for their long-standing support to America,” Cavoli said. “I look forward to another 240 years working alongside our French allies as we strengthen partnerships and security in Europe and Africa.”

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