Media Advisory: Telephonic Press Briefing on Noble Partner

Sept. 14, 2020

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BRUSSELS, Belgium —

Please join the Brussels Media Hub on Tuesday, September 15, for a telephonic press briefing with Major General Joe Jarrard, U.S. Army Europe Deputy Commanding General for the Army National Guard, Major General David Tabor, Special Operations Command Europe Commander, and Brigadier General Irakli Tchitchinadze, Deputy Chief of the Georgian Defense Forces. The speakers will discuss Nobel Partner, a U.S. Army Europe and Georgian Defense Force cooperatively led exercise ongoing in Georgia.

Approximately 2,800 military members from the nations of France, Georgia, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, will participate in exercise Nobel Partner 2020 from September 7-18, 2020. The speakers will take questions from participating journalists.


  • Date:                                   Tuesday, September 15

  • Time:                                   17:00 (Brussels) | 11:00 (Washington, DC) | 16:00 (London)

  • Language:                          English 

  • Ground rules:                    ON THE RECORD

  • Dial in Info:                       To be provided upon RSVP

  • RSVP: Please RSVP by clicking here - Telephonic Press Briefing on exercise Noble Partner 


  • Participants should join the conference 15 minutes early.

  • The operator will ask for your name, press affiliation, and location.

  • The speakers will give brief opening remarks, and then the moderator will open the floor to questions.

  • Participants will be instructed to push the “1” and “0” buttons on their phones to enter the question queue. You may also submit questions in advance via email to

  • If you experience technical difficulties during the call, you may email to alert the moderator to any issues.

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