12th Combat Aviation Brigade unexpected landing near Linden

Sept. 25, 2019

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At approximately 2030 on September 24, an AH-64D Apache Helicopter from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (12 CAB) came into contact with some power lines during a routine training flight near the village of Linden, Germany.

Local emergency crews were called to the scene and there are no reported injuries at this time.

The 12th CAB is investigating the cause of this accident and fully cooperating with German authorities on all inquiries concerning the incident.

“Last night there was an incident where one of our Apache helicopters had to land quickly and unexpectedly,” said the Commander of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, Col. John B. Broam. “The landing occurred during routine training. The training our pilots conduct is realistic and challenging; it has to be to ensure we are constantly proficient and ready to respond to any mission we are called on to perform. We balance that difficult training with taking every safety precaution we can. It is due to those precautions and constant training that no one was hurt in the accident last night. The U.S. Army and German authorities are investigating the incident. We are fully cooperating with both.”

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  • 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, 7th Army Training Command