Meeting of the Bundeswehr and the US Army in Europe with mayors and district commissioners in Grafenwöhr

April 4, 2019

Printable Press Release in German   (Related News Release)

Printable Press Release in English   (Related News Release)

(Courtesy translation of German Ministry of Defense Press Release)

Today, the German Federal Armed Forces and representatives of U.S. Army Europe met with the mayors and district commissioners of the cities and counties affected by noise emissions at the Grafenwöhr training area for informative discussions in Grafenwöhr.

The gathering is part of the consultation process initiated at the administrative level in 2018 between the German Federal Ministry of Defense and U.S. Army Europe as the legally responsible operator of the training area.

The mayors and commissioners as the administrative authorities of the cities Auerbach i.d.OPF., Eschenbach, Pressath, Grafenwöhr, Vilseck, Markt Freihung and Markt Kirchenthumbach, and the counties Amberg-Sulzbach and Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab as well as the Bavarian State Chancellery were comprehensively informed about the measurement campaigns conducted by the German Federal Armed Forces and its results.

They also had the opportunity to present their concern with respect to administrative action across territorial areas. Following this, U.S. Army Europe informed about their training and exercises. The exchange of information was characterized by an open and trusting atmosphere.

The increasingly complex training requirements for U.S. Army Europe and its international partners in the framework of the NATO Summit Decisions of 2014, 2016 and 2018 are causing corresponding burdens for the neighboring residents of the military training area Grafenwöhr. U.S. Army Europe and the Bundeswehr take the issue serious and will maintain a transparent exchange of information with the representatives of local communities.

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