US Army Europe to activate, relocate units in Germany

Sept. 7, 2018

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WIESBADEN, Germany —


U.S. Army Europe will activate new units within Germany as a display of our continued commitment to NATO and our collective resolve to support European security. 

This overseas force structure change is a result of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act directing the U.S. Army to increase its numbers. As the U.S. Army grows, a significant portion of that growth will take place in Europe as the mission to defend NATO allies and deter aggression continues to be a priority. 

New permanently-stationed forces in Europe will result from new unit activations rather than units re-locating from the United States. The addition of these forces increases U.S Army readiness in Europe and ensures we are better able to respond to any crisis.

The overall growth of the Army in Europe, as approved by the overseas force structure change, will bring approximately 1,500 new Soldiers plus their family members to Germany. As these new units activate, additional supporting units will also join communities throughout Germany.

New units to be stationed at Grafenwöhr include a field artillery brigade headquarters; two multiple launch rocket system battalions; and additional supporting units. 

New units to be stationed at Ansbach include a short-range air defense battalion and additional supporting units.

Various supporting units will also be stationed at Hohenfels and Baumholder.

Included in this overseas force structure change is the relocation of some existing units to create space for the activating units. Relocating units include a military police brigade headquarters and a battalion headquarters moving within Bavaria; a signal battalion moving to Baumholder; and a truck company moving to Kaiserslautern.

New unit activations are scheduled to begin this year and should be completed by September 2020. 

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