"Atlantic Resolve" - Bremerhaven once again transshipment point for U.S. Army in Europe

May 17, 2018

WIESBADEN, Germany —

The "Kaiserhafen" port in Bremerhaven will once again be used from now through June of 2018, by U.S. Army Europe to receive and move military equipment and vehicles in support of operation "Atlantic Resolve".

Operations at the port will include the redeployment of the 2nd Armored Brigade, 1st U.S. Infantry Division to Fort Riley, Kansas, USA. The tanks, combat vehicles, trucks and containers of the brigade arrive by rail and road to Bremerhaven from Poland for shipping by U.S. transport vessels back to the United States.  The military equipment of the scheduled rotation replacement unit, the 1st Armored Brigade, 1st U.S. Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, Texas, USA, will arrive in Europe at the Belgian port of Antwerp.

 Germany remains a transit country in the middle of Europe and the North German region especially serves as logistical hub for the transport of personnel and material. Be aware military movements may temporarily disrupt road and rail traffic.

 The German Armed Forces is providing assistance as part of Host Nation Support to Operation Atlantic Resolve through the Joint Service Support Command (JSCC). They coordinate assistance to allied and partner armed forces during their stay in Germany. The JSCC provided infrastructure and capabilities include: storage areas and facilities, supplies, food and lodging, repair, transport, and handling. The Logistics School of the German Armed Forces in Garlstedt, will provide temporary accommodations to U.S. Soldiers during their redeployment.

 When required, the German military police will also assist in providing escort and protection. This will include operating a movement and control network as well as transport security.  

 Operation Atlantic Resolve aims to ensure peace and stability in the Eastern European NATO countries. Under the leadership of the U.S. Armed Forces continued training and security co-operation activities have been undertaken since 2014 Many allies have taken part including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

 For media queries, please contact the U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs Office in Wiesbaden, phone: 0611-143.537.0008 or 0022, email: usarmyeurope.contact@mail.mil.