About Griffin Shock

Griffin Shock is an exercise designed to prepare V Corps and NATO Multinational Corps Northeast with the rapid expansion of NATO Multinational Battlegroup Poland in support of NATO deterrence initiatives such as bolstering readiness, responsiveness, and reinforcement. 


Griffin Shock is a combined NATO and U.S. Army short notice exercise that will demonstrate the U.S. Army’s ability to enhance the NATO alliance by rapidly reinforcing the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup in Poland to a brigade size Land Forces Brigade.

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Video by Natalie Weaver
Team 21 Highlights - May 2023
21st Theater Sustainment Command
May 31, 2023 | 2:48
In May 2023, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command provided heavy support to Defender 23, an exercise led by U.S. Army Europe and Africa. Soldiers from 21st TSC received and transported equipment, accounted for incoming personnel, and participated in events focused on the strategic deployment of continental United States-based forces, employment of Army prepositioned stocks, and interoperability with Allies and partners. Also, Maj. Gen. James Smith, commanding general, and leaders from 21st TSC, 405th Army Field Support Brigade, and 598th Transportation Brigade visited Washington D.C. to discuss Ukraine support with House Armed Services Committee, Senate Armed Services Committee, and congressmen.

The 21st TSC is U.S. Army Europe and Africa's lead organization for all sustainment activities including logistics support, transportation, combat sustainment, human resources, finance, contracting and all other areas in the field of sustainment.